Business law and law of trading companies

Conversion of stock form of important Slovak joint stock company operating in food industry.

Fusion of companies operating on car industry.

Consultancy for important association of legal entities in the Slovak Republic.

Keeping of complex legal agenda of a subsidiary of global clothes and shoes producer.

Intellectual property law

Publication Enforcement of intellectual property rights through border measures, Oxford university press,

Complex representation of important global company in textile industry,

Representation of foreign company in the field of waste collection and revaluation,

Representation of creative group of authors of architectonic works.

Labour law

Participation in collective bargaining and conclusion of collective labour agreements of important Slovak companies in food and car industry,

Conducting of seminar for EF International, London, MBA School of Modern Management,

Consultancy for important international company in the field of collective redundancy,

Preparation of complex labour-law documents for subsidiaries of important foreign companies.

Industrial sites, buildings, real estates

Consultancy for important companies in the field of agriculture and forestry,

Consultancy for professional agricultural chamber,

Transfers of excavation spaces for important foreign mining company.

Dispute agenda

Conducting disputes in the matter of nullity of general meetings for important foreign joint stock company,

Representation of important foreign company in proceedings for claiming of damage,

Representation of private investor in proceedings for determination of nullity of purchase contract.

Personal data protection

Full keeping of personal data protection agenda for important foreign joint stock company.

Consultancy for important company in car industry in the field of personal data protection.

Areas of law

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